Monday, August 31, 2015

Save Those Souvenir T-shirts~Part 2

Here's what I did with the rest of my 
super-cool souvenir t-shirt.
See Project 1, Fabric Wrapped Balls
I made 2 fabric necklaces. I saw lots of
them on one of our summer road trips to
Captiva Island on the west coast of Florida.
They came in all colors and are so
comfortable and lightweight to wear. of course
 in the cute boutiques they were $30-$40
 and mine
They couldn't be any easier to make.
Just cut off the bottom hem. Now cut across
 the bottom in about 1" strips. You'll be cutting
the front and back at the same time to create 
a long loop. Keep cutting loops until you get
to the armpit. That will give you a big pile
 of loops. You'll have more than enough to
make several necklaces. Now take a loop,
holding the ends in each hand and stretch
 the loops out wide. That will curl the knit
fabric into strands. Use as many strands
 for each necklace and loop them around
 you neck. You could also leave them
long and tie a knot in the front or at the side.
They are cool and comfortable to wear in the
 summer and using a t-shirt in fall colors,
 they'd be cozy and warm to wear in the fall. 



  1. Looks great on you! I love this and have seen them but never realized they were so easy to make! I may try to do this.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. What a great idea - thanks for sharing! For the shorter look, did you tie the ends together in some way?
    They'd be great in a variety of colors for different seasons!

    1. I just looped the long strands around my neck twice. :)