Monday, August 17, 2015

Redneck Margaritas ~ Only 3 Ingredients!

These margaritas have a secret ingredient-BEER! 
Who would have guessed that beer was the 
perfect solution to a well-balanced margarita. 
You'll never know it's in there. It gives it
 a little fizz and a refreshing taste. I don't
 even drink beer and I love these. Everybody 
is surprised when I tell them it's in there. 
Use the limeade can to measure the 
ingredients. Adjust with extra water if 
the mixture seems too sweet. 
Redneck Margaritas
1 can limeade 
1 can tequila
1 can water
1 can beer
lots of ice
1 lime for garnish
Pour 1 (12oz) can frozen limeade concentrate
into a large pitcher. Fill the empty can with
 tequila, then again with water. Stir to
dissolve limeade. Stir in a 12oz can of beer.
 Add plenty of ice. Garnish with
lime wedges. Pour into glasses filled with
more ice and add a lime to the rim.
 *If you want first rub the rim of the 
glass with the lime and dip the rim in salt.



  1. Beer?...I would love to give this a try! Tasty & refreshing especially for a warm & humid day! TFS

  2. Rita, so you don't like beer but like Tequilla. Between the two, you should sleep well after mixing the two. CHEERS!

  3. Oh, YUM!!!! I had a great margarita tonight at Joe's Crab Shack! I will need to pick up these ingredients for the next time I want a margarita!!

  4. This recipe is the first thing our (now 47 yr. old) daughter showed us she had learned, when she was a spanking brand new freshman at KU (Rock Chalk, Jay Hawk!)...back in 1986! We've loved it and used it ever since!

  5. Great story! I made a similar recipe as a punch in the 80s
    for Halloween because it was green. I called it Mystery Punch because no one knew there was beer in it.