Monday, August 10, 2015

Thrifting at Faith Farm Ministries

I was a day late for the latest sale at my
 favorite thrift store, but how could I 
resist such a lovely email invitation.
Dear Rita,

Thank you for being a valued VIP and for supporting our ministry.  Your support saves lives!

I usually go first thing on Friday morning
when they are fully loaded. Moseying in
late Saturday morning I hoped I'd still
find a few things on my "Thrifting List"
Let's see....the usual suspects: dishes, mugs,
 bowls, oh, and maybe a couple of pieces of 
flatware I could leave in our van for our
Amefa Stainless Flatware from Holland-Vintage. 12¢ each
 road trips and new adventure - 
beach camping. 
Handmade pottery mug- 50¢
Crazy blue pottery mug to add to my
miss-matched blue and white mugs when
displayed on the mug rack. 
Valentine's Day mug- 50¢
Another Valentine's mug to add to the
 V collection. I gave a few to my daughter I needed more. 
38pc set vintage English Churchill china- $17.50
 Blue and white English Churchill
Staffordshire China in the vintage
Finlandia pattern.
It's 6 place settings plus a few extras.
Everything was half price for the sale.
Pfaltzgraff Sommersby Salad Plates
8 salad/dessert plates for 50¢ with
 a cheery strawberry pattern and a
blue edge to perfectly coordinate with
  all my blue dishes.
It's like a scarf but for dishes~
a nice seasonal accent.
Saucers 25¢
Misc saucers, 2 white ones for cups I have
and 2 just because they are pretty.
I'll use the pretty ones for fat candles,
 or jewelry plates, or a soap dish, or...
Cast Iron pan $4, Pastry Cutter 25¢ 
An oval cast iron pan. I can see a steak
 sizzling on it now, or a grilled sandwich. 
Two rattan trays I'll use as placemats or 
in the van for beach camping.
I took a close up of the flatware 
pattern to keep on my phone. I liked
them more when I got home. Doesn't
that happen often? I'll add those to 
the Thrifting List on my phone.
The dishes were unpacked and loaded 
into the dishwasher, the cast iron 
was scrubbed and oiled, the trays were
 scrubbed, and all was right in my world. 
Grand total $30. 
When you feel good about every penny
 you spend. 

Links: Dwellings, BNOP, Coastal Charm,
Common Ground, Facebook, Savvy Southern Style,


  1. You did find some treasures! There iis nothing llike a cast iron pan. I have one of my mother-in-laws and use it often.

  2. You scored big, Rita! Love those blue and white dishes for 17.50. Enjoy your new things.

  3. always find great treasures at fabulous prices!!! Love it all!

    1. Thanks! The thrill of the hunt. I usually find something fun.

  4. Love your "thrifty" did well!! My favorites are the blue & white dishes and the strawberry plates! Thanks for sharing - I always enjoy seeing the treasures you find.

    1. Dishes are my obsession! Happy to find them thrifting. Thanks Lanita.

  5. Rita, I love every bargain you purchased! You've got a great eye for class! Thanks for sharing the photos with all of us.

    1. Thanks Pippi, It's always a surprise what I'll find for me too.

  6. Hi, Rita! Wow! You made some wonderful purchases! I LOVE your Finladia set and those strawberry dishes are darling! Congratulations on such a successfull shopping day! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

    1. Thanks Rosie, It was a good day. Glad I got the nudge to go. XO