Friday, July 3, 2015

Fabric Repurposed Tennis Balls

I've been wanting to find a craft that uses
my old dead tennis balls and here it is!
This is a no-cost project. Love that!
 It repurposes things I have plenty of. 
Love that! It takes no time
 and no skill. Love that too!
 Here's my stash of repurposed fabric, 
you know, old shirts, sheets, etc. 
Everything gets dumped in here. 
In the entry way of all places, but it's
 in a basket, so nobody knows and it's handy
 for "lightbulb moment" days.
I pulled out the red, white, and blue pieces.
 Have lots of used tennis balls. I you don't
play tennis, ask a friend that does, or call
your local club. Save the empty cans too.
I use them to store everything!!
 Cut/tear your fabric into about 1" strips and 
cover the balls tightly, overlapping new
 strips as needed. 
 I used pins. I save (doesn't everybody?) 
those tiny head pins that come with new
 stuff. Those are better, if you have them.
  Now just pin down the last strip
through the fabric (not the ball)
It will hold just fine. Pile the
finished balls in a bowl, pin side down. 

I've also covered tennis balls with rope
as seen in this post.
Here's my family room coffee table vignette.
Think of all the other colors you can use
 for every holiday or your decor. You can
 even store them back in the tennis can 
when you pack-up. 
In addition to the tennis ball craft, you 
may notice my fun avatar. You can create 
your own using the app Bitstrips. Then
 you can use it to annoy your family when 
you text them along with pictures. My
 daughter Kim and I have been texting 
each other and having so much fun! 
My granddaughter is begging
us to stop :))

Have A Star Spangled Weekend!!
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  1. Great idea!! Thanks for the sharing!!

  2. Love those! So patriotic! Happy Fourth of July!

  3. This is the greates idea! Thank you. Happy Fourth of July! Hugs,

  4. Clever idea! I like them. I'm linking from Common Ground's Patriotic Party,
    Ricki Jill

  5. What a great idea. I have a bunch of old tennis balls. and lots of fabric scraps.

  6. These look great might be a great project with the grand daughters.. Thanks with love Janice

  7. Loved your idea of making those scraps to cover tennis were always so creative with your projects. Have always loved your tablescapes too.

    1. I'll have to tell my friend about your idea of using scraps to cover tennis balls. If you don't play tennis or have any friends that do, can't one buy a styrofoam ball at a craft store and use? My friend sews and I'm sure she saves scraps of her fabrics.


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