Thursday, August 13, 2015

Horseshoe Napkin Rings

There's Nothing to do here except 
give the horseshoes a good scrubbing 
and a little oiling with mineral oil. 
I still had horseshoes left from my other
horseshoe projects, so I thought I'd use them
 to gather a napkin and flatware. 
Perfect for your next ho down. 



  1. Oh I love these! Come over to my blog and you'll see why. LOL. The entire place setting is so pretty. But I love, love, love the horse shoes. Anything rustic speaks Fall to me. I'd love you to come over and link at the Fabulous Fall Party. The link runs to Halloween for Fall themes. Link anytime any Fall (or Rustic) post!
    Come join the party!

  2. I especially like your "napkin rings" with the bandanna. Now when's the Ho Down? ;)

  3. You're brave using horseshoes as napkin rings..I'd be afraid I'd drop them and break the other beautiful dishes/china. At the yearly family reunions in Pa., the males always played horeshoes after lunch.