Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blogging On The Patio

I've blogged on the porch in New Jersey,
on the deck in North Carolina and now 
 here on the patio at home in  Florida.
 The weather is too nice to be inside.
My beloved doggies loved to keep me
company. I miss Lucky....this was in his favorite spot.
 Lucy is in her favorite spot.
She loves warming herself in the sun.
My sweet Princess always loved
spending time outside. I still 'see' her there.
A pot with bougainvillea  in bloom.
 Most of my orchids are blooming.

purple dendrobium
My favorite! A stunning cattleya from 
my BF Cathy.
Every Florida garden needs fun 
pink flamingos. These two are stuck 
into a pot of Boston ferns.
It will soon be too hot, so I'm enjoying
 these perfect Spring days. 



  1. Lucky you that you are able to have so many outdoor blogging spots! You Florida space looks so lovely, and yes needed some pink flamingos. My next door neighbor has, well about, 20 of them, some are lighted up, and at times I don't need to turn on my bathrooms light cause it's so bright over them. Love you flowers, here in IL things are sprouting up all over.

  2. This truly looks like paradise - enjoy!

  3. howdy from Charleston! I am a new follower. Enjoying your blog so much and all the great tips!! Love the poolside photos, so so so pretty!! Looks so relaxing! What sweet little pups you have!! They look to be enjoying the pool too! Your orchids are gorgeous! so nice to meetcha....come visit my front porch soon!