Monday, April 7, 2014

Decorating With Antique School Desks

I love the antique school desks I've collected
over the years when we lived near Chicago.
I knew I'd find a place to use them in Florida
They are a great accent piece that can 
add a little personality in any room.
Here's one in the bathroom holding a 
Longaberger basket and stack of towels.
I dress it up for Christmas.
I also have one in the entry way. Another
Longaberger basket on top holds things that
need to go videos and books for 
the library. It also holds Lucy's leash and
a kleenex box stuffed with plastic bags
for doggie pick-ups.
The front seat is a landing spot for
my purse or whatever I'm bringing in.
It gets dressed up for Christmas too.
It's on the other side of the mirror
and entry table, next the half wall.
This one is in the back of the family room. 
It usually holds a stack of afghans 
and a few baskets. 
Love the old wrought iron scrolls and the 
hole for the inkwell. The book shelf is a
great little spot when I've used the desk
as an end table or bedside table. You can
run your cords through the inkwell.

I change the afghans and baskets
for the seasons.

Dressed for Christmas.

This little desk  and chair was a hit with
 the grandkids when they were little.
It's been used as an end table and a
favorite spot for coloring. 


  1. Hi Rita,
    I love the antique school desks! I, too, am a collector of antique school desks - I even found a double one a few years ago in the mountains! Thanks for the great decorating ideas.....

  2. Those are a natural focal point, aren't they. And how wonderfully they pair with your baskets. Nicely done.

  3. You do such a great job of utilizing them in decor / display!

    Visiting from 1929 Charmer and still laughing at her post : )

  4. I love antique school desks. When I was little (in the '60's), my Mum brought home an old school desk that a little different. The desk and chair were mounted to by central pedestals to a rectangular base. The desk surface was a lid on hinges, and of course there was a pencil groove and an inkwell hole. I played school for hours with that and a chalkboard and carefully saved workbook pages that my older brother brought home. Such wonderful memories. I was disappointed when I went to school and the desks weren't like that. But they still had inkwell holes, even though bottled ink probably hadn't been used in years. Such wonderful memories those desks bring back. The same ones I get when I smell a freshly sharpened wooden pencil.

  5. Holy cow, mine looks just like yours! Aren't they just the best! My parents got mine in Missouri when they traveled out to Joplin to visit family there. Mine is still attached to it's wooden mounting runner. Thanks for showing all of the pictures on what to do with them!

  6. Love your school desk collection! I been on the lookout for one. Hubby retired from teaching (30+ years) and I retired from a school district (27+ years), and I think it would be perfect to own one to remind us for our careers!