Sunday, April 27, 2014

Why I Can't Throw Anything Out!

I was all set to throw out/donate some
clutter. Larry gathered some of his old
trophies and tossed them in the box
for tomorrow morning's pick-up
Good riddance! 
Later that day I read an article in
Country Living magazine on ways to use
vintage trophy cups. 
Did I have any of those? Yes I did!
Just in time to rescue two. 
 One is silver and the other one I
could paint...saw that idea somewhere.
I should save at least one of Larry's
tennis trophies, a nice 1st place that
is on a wood, not a plastic base. I'll
use it as  bookend in his office.
So three trophies were retrieved until...
 later that evening I was scanning FB 
and discovered a very clever way to use
trophy tops. Too cute!! These would be
 great at my next tennis girlfriends party!
Quickly back to the box for trophy
tops this time. I was cutting it close!
Country Living

Vintage Trophy Wine Stoppers

First, use a drill to make a 1/8-inch-wide hole halfway down into a new cork ($3.99 for 30; Next, twist off the top of a vintage trophy (typically a few bucks each at thrift shops and garage sales). Apply superglue to the underside of the trophy top's base and the screw that extends from it. Insert the screw into the cork and twist the pieces together until flush and a tight bond forms. Allow one hour of drying time before using your prize design.
You see what I mean! It's not safe
 to throw anything out these days.
 There are great repurpose/reuse
 ideas everywhere!



  1. I totally get it!!! Lately I have been on a quest to find copper molds for my kitchen wall. I wish I could find vintage ones but til then I am collecting any that I find. I got 3 in Fl. and only one is vintage and today found 3 more at GW!!! God knows I SHOULD be getting rid of stuff but..........:):) LOVE the trophy tops as wine stoppers!!!

  2. Oh how fun and what great ideas. I love all the trophies that are being repurposed, such great accessories.

  3. So true!!! When you throw something out THEN we find a purpose for it!! These are GREAT ideas!

  4. What a great use for old trophies. I have trouble throwing things aways too - you never know when you might need it to create something new.

  5. This is adorable! I have a few old trophies that will be perfect for this. Wish I had tennis - only baseball and some dude with wings here.

  6. OOOH I love old idea! I would love to have you join us for Centerpiece Wednesday linky party where tons of bloggers share their creativity, recipes, DIY projects and more…come on over and see and share with us.

  7. Oh Rita, soooo true! It seems things can stay in a closet for years, and once I finally get the courage to throw them out I soon find myself wishing I hadn't!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...