Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DIY Room Freshener

Make your own room freshener for pennies.
 All you need is baking soda and 
your favorite essential oils. 
It's similar to my DIY Carpet Fresh Powder.
 Fill a small container about 1/4 full with
 baking soda. Add about 8 drops of your
 favorite essential oils. Shake around a bit. 
Make sure the lid is vented. You 
can create custom scents for the seasons.
 I had saved this empty jar of Renuzit room 
freshener to fill with my own concoction. 
Make several. Place it in any room.
Put one in your car too.
Give it a shake once in a while.
 I put one on the entry table. 
I used a rose scent for the summer.
 It gives a subtle scent whenever I
enter the house. I Coordinate the scents
with the carpet fresh powder
I didn't have many saved freshener jars so 
I just poked holes in the lids of a few of
my saved jars
DIY Room Freshener
Baking Soda-fill 1/4 full
Essential oil-8 drops
Poke holes in the lid
shake occasionally



  1. Cute idea!! I need to make some for school. This sounds inexpensive to do.

  2. inexpensive and natural...both good qualities. I Like your heart punches in the lid : )