Sunday, June 2, 2013

Oh Baby! Jar Votives

I never throw anything out that I can reuse 
for another purpose. So when I made a
yummy cake this week using two jars of
baby food as the secret ingredient,
I knew I had a bonus for a quick project.
 I used the empty jars as votive candles.
 I put 1T Kosher salt on the bottom to
 keep the candles steady.
 Cut an 18"piece of ribbon. 
 Use colors for the holiday or
 to match your dishes.
I plan on making some using raffia.
 Lots of uses. 
I need to find someone with a baby!
 I added a votive to one of my tea sets.
I can put one at every place setting.
Oh Baby! Go and reuse those jars!
Here's the Oh Baby! Carrot Bundt Cake 
with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting.


  1. YAY for your use of baby food jars!! I THOUGHT I would have a TON by now! However, my daughter makes her OWN baby food for her quadruplets - so I will have to find mine elsewhere!

  2. Rita,
    My grandchildren are all teenagers now but I still have a couple dozen empty jars in my cupboard. You might try putting a want ad on freecycle....people are great about saving things for others.

  3. Oh what a cute idea! The kosher salt is a super idea and priced right! That cake looks too good! Yum!

  4. cute idea! That cake looks yummy.

  5. Hi Rita,
    I saved old jars too. There are so many different ways you can use them. These are just adorable. Any road trips planned? Hubby brought the travel van back to the house so we can pack for our trip to Cape May, NJ this weekend (another Pleasure Way RV Rally). We're still re-organizing it. Every season we take a look to see what is working or not working. What aren't we using etc. I still love the travel van. Have a lovely day. Oh, by the way I love those sconces above your cobbler's bench. I loved the plates too but I think the sconces add even more charm and beauty.