Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thrifty Finds

I did find a few more things at the SA on the
 day I found my perfect anniversary gift.
They gave me a few bright ideas.

Inspired by Mod Vintage Life
Photo above.
I found a silver casserole caddy for $4.00.
It can hold a 9x13 Pyrex dish or I can have
Larry cut a piece of wood for the bottom so
 that I can use it as a tray.

He could also cut shelves and I could
hang it on the wall and use it as a spice shelf.
I'll let you know what I decide.
 A bag full of nickel silver punch cups for $12.50.
 12 cups. I can think of several uses.  
Of course they would be perfect for Christmas eggnog. 
I could tie on a pretty ribbon and hang them from the dining room tree. 
I could fill them with small candles and use them as votives.
 Put a row of them down the center of the table.
 Or put one at each place setting.
 The silver makes a nice glow.
I could also fill them with just the right amount
 of chocolate mousse. 
 For now I'm going to use them for the 
sugar and flour scoops.
I change my scoops several times a year.
I also found another throw.
A crocheted afghan, for $4.00.
 Washed and dried.
 A beautiful Santa needlepoint pillow.  
Only $1.00! In perfect condition.
And I thought I wouldn't find a needlepoint
 Christmas pillow on sale this year.
 A 'new with tags' green striped pillow sham.
 It was $1.00 and has colors I can use for
 St. Patrick's Day decorating.
I thought of using it as a table square
 but decided to give the doggies a new
cover on one of their pillows. 
Lucky waited patiently while I put this
 freshly washed sham on his favorite bed.  
 He hopped on as I was taking the picture.
 My doggies love new bedding. 
I don't know where they get that idea.
And here again is my favorite. 
Sheffield silverplate from England.
It's our anniversary find. $12.50!
 Seen HERE (The Perfect Anniversary Gift).


  1. Just found you via My 1929 Charmer. What amazing finds! I love the silverplate casserole holder as a spice rack! And your Sheffield set is STUNNING!

  2. What a great ideas to use the caserole holder as either a spice rack or tray.
    Love the punch cups and your ideas for using them, especially on the tree at Christmas - classy or what!
    Have a great week Rita May.
    Rose H

  3. Oh...did you skip all the way home when you found those beautiful punch cups?! They're beautiful!! I love how they look with the candles! They would look darling on a tree in your dining room! :)

  4. WOW!!! You found GREAT stuff! I love the needlepoint pillow! Lucky IS very lucky to have new bedding:):) XO, Pinky

  5. Great finds! I love that you are using the cups as sugar scoops! Very smart!


  6. How fun! I really like the silver cups as votives on the dining table, the glow is lovely, I agree.

  7. You find the most wonderful things. We don't have thrift shops worth anything in our area. I am definitely envious. I love those silver cups!

  8. Rita, what gorgeous finds!! I am enjoying my silver displayed in my kitchen these days! You found some beautiful pieces!

  9. Oh my word, I totally love all of your silver pieces. The cups are such fabulous scoops and you have so many wonderful ideas for how to use them. Love the casserole carrier, I have one too and I use it all the time. You gifts are all fabulous treasures and such wonderful finds. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  10. Wow I love the silverplate casserole holder as a spice rack, so unique. You sure found some amazing finds! The Sheffield set is STUNNING! Oh by the way, guess what I found - yep the pillows thanks so much for the lead! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Par.tay!!!

  11. PS - I love the theme from a Summer Place, it bring back so many memories, loved that movie.

  12. What great ideas! I've been drawn to silver things myself lately. Thanks for the pillow sham idea too. Visiting from Table Top Tuesday.

  13. Hi lovely lady.
    Great finds! I love that you are using the cups as sugar scoops! Very smart! I also go to the Good-Will all the time looking for dishes. I hope you come over and see my New Tablescapes.
    xxoo Diane

  14. The luck of the Irish came early this year for you. The silver set made me drool. Thanks for sharing. I agree with you. Every blog needs dogs. Mine has three too.