Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Perfect Anniversary Gift

This was a find.
A three piece silverplate tea service
 from Sheffield, England.
This is how it looked when I found it. 
We spent our anniversary today having lunch 
at a favorite spot right on the intracoastal 
and watched the boats go by. Then we spent 
hours at the beach. A great beach day.
On our drive home we saw a Salvation Army.
 I said, let's stop and go in and find 
the perfect anniversary gift.
 Yes! I found this tea set for $12.50.
 Everything was 50% off.
 I couldn't wait to get home and polish it up.
And have a cup of tea.
.....or is it Serendipi-tea?



  1. Happy Anniversary Rita May!

    We must be kindred spirits, because I posted about my silver tea service this time, too!

    Hope you enjoy many more years of love, joy and good health together!

  2. Wishing you the happiest of anniversaries, with many more to come. You're an inspiration and a delight.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!
    Your tea set is lovely and what a fabulous deal!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  4. Happy Anniversary, Rita. Your tea service is lovely. Glad you found it.

  5. What a fantastic find! It is just beautiful. Don't you just love "Serendipi-tea"! It's my favorite.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Your silver tea set will be a lovely reminder of your special day.


  7. You definently had a wonderful anniversary! The cherry on top is your silver set. I love it but the price is so terrific. Thrifting is a hit or miss with my shopping. I am glad you had so much fun and the polishing does make a lot of impact and the price would then be much higher at a antique shop! Happy Tea Party! Pam

  8. Happy, happy anniversary to you both!
    Love the tea set a perfect gift, hubby can hardly call you high maintenance!

  9. What a perfect gift - happy anniversary!!

  10. Happy Anniversary...a perfect find for a special day..It was waiting for you!...

  11. Happy Anniversary and what a great find!!! It pours perfectly into that beautiful teacup!

  12. A beautiful find and a wonderful anniversary present! I was given my Mothers-in-law silver tea set and will post about it soon. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I am very envious that you spent the day at the beach when we still have snow on the ground! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend your anniversary. Love the tea service and what a deal you got. Thanks for joining my party. xo, Sherry

  14. Well I am now so confused...i am not sure if the wall of plates is my most favorite thing...or the cool tea/coffee set...or the doggies..I will have to look again and then think about it...i do know i am a new follower...

  15. Happy Anniversary! I too am a new follower!
    Love your blog! Elizabeth

  16. Good for you! An awesome deal for sure. Happy Anniversary!

  17. What a great find! Happy Anniversary and thank you so much for sharing this at Inspiration Friday this week!