Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Best Burger In The USA

On our anniversary outing yesterday our first
stop was lunch at a favorite burger joint,
Le Tub.
 It's rustic, it's old Florida, it's right on the
water (intracoastal), it's 2 blocks from the
 beach and it has the
  best burgers in the US of A!
The entrance walkway is lined with funky
bath fixtures used as planters: sinks, toilets,
tanks and bathtubs all filled with tropical plants.
Never made it to the key lime pie.
You'll see why soon.
Our table is under a shade tree on the deck 
right by the water.
 Watching the boats go by.
Enjoying a perfect day of weather.
 Time to order.
We always get the sirloin burger.
With Swiss cheese.
 There's the beef! All 13oz of it!
 Friends, that's what I'm talking about.
These burgers were made famous on the 
Oprah Show. Gayle spent 30 days searching
for the best hamburger in the country.
This was the big #1 winner.
 We shared an order of fries.
Look at the cutie on the front of that boat.
 Ladies...the very front. 
A cute Bull Terrier enjoying a boat ride.
 The water taxi is a fun way to see the
homes along the intracoastal.
 Here come some big boats.
 In this picture you will notice that we have 
loaned our boat to friends for the day.
 It's fun to read all the boat names,
 and see where they are from.
 After lunch we headed over to the beach and
 spent a few hours relaxing, reading and ocean viewing. 
We made one little stop on the way home
which I wrote about in yesterday's post HERE.
Celebrating 31 years of marriage and eating
burgers together.



  1. Congrats on 31 years!!! That is wonderful. The burgers look amazing! Do you share a burger too??? 13 ounces is ALOT of burger:):) The boat pics are making me wish I was there. XO, Pinky

  2. Yes...i know that place and loved it when I saw it on Oprah. What a wonderful way to spend an anniversary...Happy 31st...That is so wonderful.

  3. So glad I get the chance to wish you both HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. My sweetheart and I have been married for almost 42!!! Can't decide which looks yummier...the burger or the fries. I love to eat at those FL restaurants that look like they were just thrown together...nothing fancy, but great food and fun atmosphere. I adore eating outside and by the water is even better. Sounds like you had a wonderful day spent with your honey. (By the way, I finally caught site of the cute doggie, but my eyes were sort of wandering!)

  4. Congratulations to you and your husband! The burger looks fantastic...and I like your boat loaned to nice that they happen to pass by!

    My husband and I will celebrate, Lord willing, 52 years June 19th...

    Betty @ Country Charm

  5. Hope you have 31 more! That burger looks fantastic and HUGE! But I am impressed with the scenery the most, I would love to be having lunch on the deck under the shade tree!

  6. OH MY GOSh how I wish I was in Florida on the water.
    It just looks like paradise from where I am

    Love that dog riding on the boat it just all looks really good to me
    Happy Anniversary

  7. Happy Anniversary!!! What a wonderful way to celebrate!! Loved your burger place. Somehow I do not think I could make the funky bath fixtures work for me. But I just may TRY!!!

  8. Happy 31st Anniversary!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time! The burger looks fantastic!!!! Cheers to the two of you for the next 31 years!!!

  9. That is an amazing burger!!! The scenery is wonderful too. Happy Anniversary.. xo marlis

  10. We're always on the lookout for a fabulous burger. You have hit the jackpot it looks like. I would share that burger and then indulge with a piece of that pie. The beach is dreamy--what a nice celebration day.

  11. How neat to have the most amazing burger right in your back yard.

    Thanks for being a part of "Oh, the places I've been!". Looking forward to having you be a regular contributor.

    - The Tablescaper

  12. Congratulations on 31 years. We love finding little places like this to eat. mmm key lime pies, one of my favorites. Blessings, Debbie

  13. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you live in a beautiful spot. Having the best burgers in the US is icing on the cake. '-)