Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Vignettes

It's almost Valentine's Day and
 we are ready here!
 Family room sofa table cloches.
 A string of wooden hearts and stars are
just strewn on top of the pinecones on
 the family room coffee table.
 Refrigerator magnets.
 The top of the fridge.
 Valentine apron in the kitchen.
 Hearts and Pines salt & pepper set.
 My white spray painted branch is normally
 used for Easter eggs, but now it's hung 
with heart ornaments. I store the heart 
Christmas ornaments in a separate basket.
That way they are easy so to get out again 
for Valentine's Day.
 Silver chargers, Hearts and Pines china 
 ruby red salad bowls.
 I have used the good sterling silver and 
Waterford crystal these two weeks too. 
The white heart tray on the bar counter.
 A few hearts are added to the branches on 
the cobbler's bench in the living room.
 Garland hearts, one tinsel and one fabric. 
I made one last little craft project last night
while watching a movie. So easy. 
I'll share that tomorrow.


  1. Just beautiful!
    Betty @ Country Charm

  2. Rita, everything looks so cute! Happy Valentines! :)

  3. Happy Valentines! Looks like you're ready for a festive and romantic celebration! It all looks so cute!

  4. Oh I love all of your Silver!!! Very festive! XO Cindy

  5. Thanks, love your posts and especially the silver.

  6. Wow! You are all decked out. I don't have a single Valentine thing out anywhere! Haven't even had time to get in the attic but really don't have all that much for Valentines Day. It all looks very nice. Hope you and your sweetie have a romantic day:)

  7. So many cute ideas! Love the heart tree! Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. beautiful and oh so sweeet! I love your name! My little sister is named "Rita Jo"!! :)

  9. Such gorgeous Valentine Vignettes, your home looks so pretty!

  10. I love your cloche vignette for Valentine's and everything you put inside them, it's wonderful and so festive! Your home looks so warm and beautiful. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY lovely lady.

  11. Everything looks beautiful. Happy Valentines Day.

  12. Happy Valentines all your romantic vignettes! I am looking forward to visiting my "old stomping grounds" in South Florida this week and also looking forward to the weather that i so miss!