Friday, September 3, 2010

Road Trip- Georgetown (Washington DC)

Walk with me through Georgetown.

Narrow old cobblestone streets.
Imbedded trolly tracks.
Brick walkways have abundant flowers.
Large flowering baskets circle the lampposts.

Rows of colorful townhouses.
Each was painted a different color.

Bold red front door.
Colorful blue shutters.
What's behind this green door?
Black shutters and white trim accent this yellow painted brick house.
Peeking through an entry gate.
Bright yellow and deep green shutters.
All white with red painted barrels full of ivy.
Great wood details on all the front doors.
Iron gate and fence enclose large side yard.
Ivy trims the railing.
A double side porch.

Each street in Georgetown is filled with history and charming houses that have lasted for generations.
Off again! Time to find a good place for lunch. 


  1. Beautiful post Rita!

    When I first read your comment I thought you were talking about Mt Vernon Missouri. Then it dawned on me.:-)

    That wasn't me you saw. Illinois is the farthest east I've been in awhile. I have always heard I have a double out there someplace. Just when I wrote this sentence, I remembered, we sometimes go through Mt Vernon IL, when we are headed to TN.
    Looks like you had a good vacation. Wonderful photos!

    Thanks for stopping by the Back Porch.
    Happy Labor Day Weekend!

  2. I havn't been there, but I would love to go and see all the history. Great post and fabulous pics. Hugs, Marty