Tuesday, September 7, 2010

South Of Broad

After reading Pat Conroy's book you'll want to to visit Charleston, South Carolina. That's what we did on our road trip home.
We toured the streets and places mentioned in the book.
Loved seeing the beautiful mansions by the water.
Old mansions
along the length of the street.
Doggie walk time.
This one was my favorite.
Every house has a veranda.
Many have two.
Beautiful houses, south of Broad Street.
Grand porches.
Porches and shutters, two of my favorites.
We had lunch at Fleet Landing. Sat on the deck and enjoyed the ocean's breeze.
Real Charleston low country cuisine. Delicious She Crab soup with sherry. Take a picture quick before I eat it all!
Real Charleston shrimp and grits. So good!
Am I making you hungry?

Another restaurant we try and stop at on 
our road trips is May River Grill.
Great food and good name ;)
Try my easy recipe for


  1. I never thought I would like shrimp and grits, until I tried it!! And Iam a life long southerner!!

  2. I love Charleston and am dying to go back. Such a pretty place to sightsee and shop. Love she crab soup, too.