Friday, September 10, 2010

Hello September!

 Isn't  September a great month?

It's from "You've Got Mail", one of my favorite movies. I watch it at least once a year.

September is all about change. You change your wardrobe, your menus, your schedule, your routine, your decor. You start school, start a project, or whatever you have planned. You start thinking about the upcoming holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. It's a burst of activity. I love September.

This bouquet is for you. Thank you for visiting and for following.

Here's a link to a favorite September dinner:  Sunday Chicken


  1. Love your blog dogs - your Lucky looks just like my Lexi when he was younger. I think I might need to follow your suit and post a picture of my pups!!!!

  2. I agree! September is the start of my favorite time of year ~ Fall and all the fabulous Fall Holidays. And then Christmas!

    Love "You've Got Mail"!!! I just pulled out the DVD and watched it the other night.

  3. Ha... I recognized the song as soon as it started, from You've Got Mail. One of my all time favorites too! Love the bouquet of
    Thanks for visiting today!