Thursday, June 23, 2016

Farm-Style Wire Basket

 A little basket makeover.
After my rusty junk tray makeover HERE,
I wanted to add a wood bottom to this 
thrifted wire basket.
  I've had it for years. It was 25¢ and 
part of a thrift store adventure in NC.
I've used it HERE to hold books.
HERE filled with pinecones.
 Hopefully the bottom of the basket was the
 width of one of the boards we had in the
 garage. That would make this an easy
5 minute project.
Lucky me! 
We only needed to make one cut.
 I used mineral oil to condition the wood and 
bring out the color. I keep a tennis can with
oiled rags because I also use it on my 
butcher block kitchen island.
 Just rub it on and let it absorb. 
Repeat if necessary.
Plop it in the bottom of the basket.
 Perfect fit. Done! Now play with it.
Here's the wire basket without the wood
bottom on the sofa table for May.
Here it is with the wood bottom.
All it needed was a cow creamer and a
couple of vintage Ball jars. 
And a spatterware platter, a potted green
plant, and a blue & white heart-rimmed plate
to complete the farm-style look.
I think the cow and jars items are mandatory. 


  1. You have created a charming little basket filled with sweetness. The blue and white theme is fresh and summery.

  2. I love your wire basket Rita, it's perfect, wish I could find one just like it. Mayber I will be on the lookout just in case I score.
    I love everything you have inside it, such treasures.

  3. Rita, your basket is so cute. The wood bottom is a nice addition. It really makes a cute vignette!