Thursday, June 2, 2016

DIY Mini Jar Salt & Pepper Sets

You know those mini jam jars that you 
 get when you eat out. Save those and any
others at your table and make lots of these.
 All you need to do is punch holes in the lid
with a nail. I did 3 for salt and 2 for pepper.
I love the gingham checked tops. So very
summery and picnic-y.
 See the ones with the white lids? Those were
mini ketchup bottles. Super cute too. 
See how small they are?  And very happy to 
be repurposed as salt & pepper shakers. 
You could even label these or decorate them
however you want. So make more. The 
original labels peel right off. Then I put them 
in the dishwasher. 
Never met a jar I didn't like. 
I think everybody at the table should have 
their own set! 
 And I've saved the best for last!
Ta Da!! Yes, cinnamon sugar in the jar
 with the brown checked top.
 How adorable is that?!!
Everyone can have their own cinnamon sugar
 shaker for breakfast...French Toast, Crepes,
Oatmeal, Toast. How fun!
 I just get such a kick out of these :)


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  1. This is too cute! I love these little jars, but never know how to use them.

  2. I must be eating in all the wrong places! Where do you get the little jars?

    1. Diners, Cafes, usually breakfast and lunch places. Also hotels. Now you'll se them everywhere!

  3. Rita, this is a clever idea. I save the these jars with the gingham lids. I need to find the mini ones. Thanks for the idea.