Thursday, March 31, 2016

NOT-Buyers Remorse

There's only one thing that's worse than 
traditional buyers-remorse and that is ...
NOT-Buyers Remorse!! 
(scary Psycho-music is playing in my head, 
as it should be in yours.) #fact #science
 The struggle is real.
Missed out on this armoire for $29!
Because I couldn't answer the questions fast
enough I missed out on the armoire.
There are few second chances when you're
out treasure hunting.

 I can remember every single thing I should
have bought and did not.  Decades later I can
 still see them in my head and ask why
I can relate to Larry "Remember the time
 we passed a wicker couch by the side of the
 road and you said we'd pick it up on 
the way home?" He loves that story.

Why do I do this to myself? Why? 
Why? Because I talked myself out 
of it with logic. Crazy right!? 

You know the questions:
1. What are you going to do with it? 
2. Where are you going to put it?
3. Why do you need it? 
    (the dumbest of them all!)
4. What are you going to get rid of to make
     room for it?
5. Will it fit in the SUV or van?
    (keep this in mind with next car purchase)
6. It's too big, too small, too much money,
    needs work....on and on.

Sometimes Larry messes with my thinking 
and I second-guess my instincts. Though
 sometimes he does save me from my 
overly-enthusiastic self. He's gotten 
better at reading the signs; fast-talking, 
glassey-eyed, hyperboles, and protective
 circling. Do men understand this? I think not. 

Not buying whatever has obsessed me can
 lead to depression, sullenness and a general 
haunting malaise. I may never find that
(fill in the blank) again! It will be swirling 
around in my head all day...maybe forever

All of this could be avoided 
if I had just bought the thing! Now I'll buy 
something just to avoid the dreaded NBR
(NOT-Buyers Remorse). 
Sort of an insurance policy, therapy, if you will.
bought, used for 2 years then sold
On the plus side, 
nowadays I can always sell it again if it turns
 out to be a hideous mistake, or I just change
 my mind, usually for a small profit. 
Then I can go out and buy something else,
 and the fun continues. Buy-Sell-Repeat. 
trash day find chandie. found all shades
for $1.00 at garage sale. Keeper.
bought and sold
bought and sold
Thrifted vintage china cabinet
Still using HERE. May paint someday, 
or may sell someday. Keeping options open.
Didn't buy, could have $old. 
Bought $20 and sold $75
Bought $25 sold $125
 This buy-sell method has been working for 
years. It's how I pay for all my Craigslist, 
antiques shop, thrift store, garage sale finds. 
Hmmmm...I wonder if that antique pantry
 has sold on craigslist yet? $50. 
I'll go check and keep you posted.
Hope I didn't miss it. 



  1. I can so relate to your post! I do this all the time, buy things because they're a good price and then I enjoy fixing them up and then I sell them. I used to put the items into an upscale resale shop, but now I've decided to rent a small space in a local antiques mall and that way, I could maybe go a little more wild with my purchases. My things always sold in the resale shop, so I thought I'd try my hand in selling for myself. Happy Thrifting!!!!

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