Monday, April 27, 2015

How To Make Money When Thrifting

Here's how to pay for your addiction.
We all love to find those bargains when 
shopping at Thrift Stores and garage sales.
But even a bargain costs money. Those little
fun finds can make you feel a bit guilty 
because they are "wants" and not "needs". 
I also need to clear out the old to make room
for new ideas that pop into my head. It
makes it so much more fun to treasure hunt
when I know my purchases will be free! 
Here's what I do. When I see something
that's "too good to pass up", I buy it.
Sometimes it needs just a
"lick and a promise" to make it look better.
 It can't be too big because we don't
 have a truck. The 2 pieces I found on my
last trip were a bargain! The kitchen island
was only $20. I'll list it for $75.
The server/cabinet/dry sink is a
 vintage Ethan Allen piece selling on eBay
 for between $199-$499. I got it for $25
 and have already sold it locally for $125. 
I don't refinish or paint 'cause that's too much
work. Just minor repairs, wash with soapy
water, polish a bit. Oh, and merchandise it
before I take a picture. That also helps to
 give the piece size perspective. 
Then it gets posted on Craigslist and
maybe my town's Facebook marketplace
page for local pick-up.
This is the "before" of the island.
I took it outside to give it a good cleaning
with soap and water.Then I sanded the top
 and oiled it (use plain mineral oil).
 A little merchandising and it's ready for
pictures. I always post several pictures.
 It gives people an idea on how they'll
use it in their home.
If it's small and collectable, 
I will post on eBay. So far, so good.
Everything always sells.

Maybe we need a truck!



  1. Nice article. Rules to live by. {ChicByTab}

  2. I used to have this same kitchen island! The open spaces under the top held baskets--you can see the grooves where the baskets slid in & out. Hubby now uses it as work surface in the garage.

  3. I’m thinking you DO need a truck! I can only imagine what lovely things you’d be able to bring home in one.

  4. Thank you for posting! I have so much to sell and didn't know how to do it! Maybe this will help me. Thanks again!

  5. That island is gorgeous. That is such a great idea. Thanks.

  6. My problem is I buy thing to use then resell the old...but I have one big problem! I can't seem to give things up after I've had them. It's like prying them out of my hands. I have to start weeding out since I truly haven no more space, can't walk through the garage or basement!

  7. Such a great post, thank you so much for sharing. I have been watching a television show called "Thrift Hunters" and these guys are a lot of fun to watch, and they are pro thrifters. They said they will ship ANYWHERE, whereas most people will only ship in their own area or country.