Monday, March 7, 2016

Neighborhood Lending Library

Here's a fabulous idea for a book lending 
library I discovered while visiting our son 
David and his family in Denver, Colorado. 
 His neighborhood has these little library 
houses every few blocks. You can leave a book
 you're finished with and take a book. Some of
 the neighbors got together and built these little 
book houses and it's worked out just great. 
It's fun to go for a walk and check out the 
selection in the different boxes. Sometimes 
you'll find a note about a book or a suggestion. 
I found lots of best sellers, classics, as well 
as children's books. 
This was my favorite spot.  David made these
Adirondack chairs and  we plopped them in 
their big front yard under a large shady tree. 
They are so comfortable to sit in and enjoy 
that second cup of morning coffee and that 
evening glass of wine. Waving at neighbors
walking  dogs, or doing their daily walks with
 friends became a pleasant daily pastime. 
Reading a book here is my idea of heaven. 
Here are the grandkids heading off to school.
Catherine, the twins; Christian and Caroline, 
and Olivia. We walked along with them.
Another nice ritual. 
If you love lending out books, making a 
neighborhood library is a great project.


  1. A wonderful idea ! Enjoy your visit!

  2. A wonderful idea ! Enjoy your visit!

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