Monday, March 21, 2016

Finding Free Tennis Cans to Repurpose

 I use FREE empty tennis cans to organize!
I hit the empty tennis can jackpot!
My tennis club was having a tournament last
weekend and they supplied all these balls.
All the empty cans were stacked to be 
taken to the dumpster.
 Imagine my delight when I walked past this
stack of boxes.
All I need to do is rip off the label
and toss (or re-purpose) the metal tops. 
They are perfect, unbreakable, see-through
organize containers. 
You know, if you've read my blog, that I
obsessed like to repurpose empty tennis cans
for FREE, lightweight, see-through,
storage containers for...everything!
garage, bathroom, crafts, office supplies, 
gym bag, car trunk, toys, ornaments, 
ribbons, gift tags, odds-and-ends, kitchen, 
laundry, game pieces, candles, first-aid kit,
extension cords, night light bulbs, etc......
 Now I already have a good supply in my
  garage already, but I can always use more. 
Right? Give some away. Ambush-organize
someone's stuff, or just replace a few
of my older ones.
Of course my little Sofie girl loves to play
with tennis balls. 
Check out a few of my tennis can 
storage ideas HERE.



  1. You hit the jackpot! Miss Sofie is so cute!

  2. This is a new one. I have tennis ball can envy!