Monday, March 14, 2016

My $3.00 Garage Sale Finds

How $3.00 can make you happy.
The annual Cooper City Neighborhood 
Garage Sale was on last weekend's 
list of activities and places to go.
A beautiful day to walk the grounds and see 
what might need a new home with moi'. I
found this cranberry red tea pot for $1.00!!
It's also a cute coffee pot.
I can make coffee using a filter cone
 top and the drip method. I don't have to 
tell you how many holidays this little 
ceramic pot will see. 
 The same vendor also had this stack of 8 
dishes for $2.00!! Because he was a man he
 neglected to point out how perfectly they 
matched my newly purchased tea pot and 
what a lovely table setting they would make
 for lunch, brunch or tea...but
I figured that out right away. 
 Now in the back of my mind I thought the 
color would match a set of Longaberger
 mugs I have and I was right.
 You can just imagine the joy!
 The ivory background on the plates works
with my Longaberger ivory pottery. 
So it keeps getting better.
 Now for that mix-and-match look, 
I used my red transferware. Better still!
 So these 8 plates for $2.00 have 
completely expanded my plate "wardrobe". 
 I have 4 of these mugs and one or two 
red Longaberger plates to mix in.
 You'll be seeing them again in July when  
I do the Americana color scheme. 
 But I just had to play with them a bit before
putting them in my dish cupboard 
This is the brand on the bottom of the dishes.
I haven't Googled it yet, but I like that it's 
an American company in Beaver Falls, PA. 
Sounds like a nice town. I'm sure someone
enjoyed a nice piece of homemade apple pie
 on one of these plates. :)



  1. Wow! What a great use of space! I think my bar stools may have to vacate the building! Thanks for sharing, Rita. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  2. What a steal!!! So jealous!!! I know you will enjoy them.