Monday, February 29, 2016

Simple Basket Tray Vignette

The basket tray that I found at Target
for 75% off after the Holidays is staying.
I left the tags on until I decided. Do you
do that? No commitment until the tag
is removed. Well, it's passed the test. 
You know the one; I can use it so many
ways and for so many seasons.
Plus, I love trays and baskets so 2 for 1. 
Here it is in the family room during the day.
And here it is at night. It needs something. 
 I added the battery operated mini lights 
around the ivy and twig wreath. 
That's how we have it in the evenings
when we are watching TV with the pup.
 A cozy afternoon nap on Sofie's
favorite plush blanket. 
She's my favorite vignette. 

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  1. Sophie is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing her with us. Also, I love the tray and the way you styled it :)

  2. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your cozy holiday.