Monday, February 22, 2016

DIY Dry Erase Menu Board

You can keep your menus for 
the week well planned with this
personalized easy project.
All you need to do is use Word to
choose your fonts, colors, and special
message, like 'Guten Appetit' or
'Mom's Cafe' or whatever you like.
 Print it out. Trim to fit a 8x10
frame using the glass to trace the size.
 It would be nice to print out a menu
when you are entertaining for the holidays.
It would be easy to add Easter, Thanksgiving, 
or Christmas themes. 

 Then you'll use a dry erase marker to
write onto the glass and easily wipe 
off each week. 
Hang this on the wall 
if you're short of counter space. 



  1. I have a large dry erase board that we no longer use except for the menu that I've wanted to remove. This is a great alternative!