Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dreaming of Capri

On this cold winter's day it seems like the thing to do.
This summer I had an amazing vacation in 
Italy with daughter Kim and my granddaughter
 Kristina. We were celebrating Kristina's 
graduation from Texas A&M. They flew
 here to Ft. Lauderdale from Dallas a day
 ahead so that we could all fly to Italy 
together. Our first stop CAPRI. Actually
Rome airport, then a driver to Naples
then a ferry to Capri, then the shuttle
to the hotel. So a long day. 
But this made it worth it! 
This is the view from our room.
Yes! Amazing!
The trip was magical! Everything about it.
The views, the food, the sights, and best of
all was the people we met that made the trip
 such a memorable experience.
 It all just clicked.
Capri is a beautiful island off the 
coast of Italy. It's part of the Amalfi coast.
 We would walk the small alleyways into 
town. Good steep hillside exercise that 
helped to offset
all the good food and wine. Of course
there was pizza for lunch.
 The weather was cool enough for 
walking everywhere.
Every turn and step 
(and there were plenty of steps)
was filled with flowers and fruit trees.
This is a real lemon tree trellis. I 
tried to think of a way to bring one home.
The lemon trees were everywhere. 
 Every home had a yard that was put to good 
use. Each one had a beautiful garden filled 
with vegetable, herbs, and fruit. 
I loved looking at them all.
 Just one of the many beautiful garden doors.
We always chose our restaurants with a view.
While siting at an outdoor cafe we were
able to enjoy this Catholic Church celebration.
Wonderful to see and hear the splendor.
Back in our room each evening to enjoy the 
sunsets and freshen up and change for dinner.
Then it's back into town for more adventures.
The nights in Capri were just that! 
Our fabulous evenings in post.



  1. So glad you are posting about this fabulous trip! Looking forward to part 2. I was in Capri way back in 1991, I can't even remember. Loved it. And comgrats to Kristina!

  2. I happened onto your post and had to visit you. I love your photos, brings back sweet memories of my visit to Capri. I don't remember the name of our hotel but it was up the hill from the where our boat docked. The view looks the same. What a wonderful way to celebrate your granddaughter's graduation. Thanks for sharing your pics……..

  3. That was fun! Thank you for sharing. I'm looking forward to the next post.

  4. What a treat for your granddaughter. Thank you for these great pictures which remind me of my trip there in 2001. Our whole family (10) spent a few weeks on the Amalfi coast and it's one of my best memories. I'm going to keep your pictures in my travel folder.