Thursday, February 25, 2016

Little Tin Funnel Wine Aerator

I've had this little tin funnel forever!
It belonged to my mother and I remember
always seeing it in her kitchen drawers.
We were having dinner at an Italian
restaurant and the waiter poured our
wine from the bottle into our glasses 
using a small funnel like this to aerate 
the wine. Aerating wine enhances the taste
 and gives a smoother finish. 
I had never seen a funnel used like this
before and I found it so charming. We 
have always used an aerator on our wine
bottles. The kind that is also used as a
bottle stopper and it pores the wine. 
But this is just too cute. 
Do you have a small funnel? Find it and 
give this a try.This funnel sits just 
inside the wine glass. Slowly pour 
the wine through. 
Steak dinner and red wine. 
A perfect combination. 


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1 comment:

  1. Oh yes, a nice steak and red wine...doesn't get any better than that! I think my mother had a little funnel like that...long gone now, I'm sure although I kept several of her kitchen things.