Thursday, February 11, 2016

All Set For Valentine's

First let me say how much I love my 
Emma Bridgewater pink hearts tea pot.
I'm also using my red/pink transfer ware.
Sometimes I use this set or this way. 
 No more "Please pass the salt and pepper
when everyone has their own at each place.
 I made them re-using those mini jam jars
you get in restaurants with your breakfast.
Doesn't everyone save those? 
 Table for the two of us.
 I added the framed printable plus more
 red accessories and plates.
 Now the yellow and blue seat cushions 
would't do, so I covered them with a red
checked pillowcase and white matlesse'
pillow shams. It's a quick fix for me
(sewing challenged).
I do this at Christmas and 4th of July too.
You can see the before (no tea set) and after
(with tea set). I love tea sets. 
 I love to use a different tea pot and mugs.
It keeps afternoon tea fun and happy. 
This little trio heart basket
was a rescue.
 I can either hang it on a wall or just
pop it on a shelf or table. 
This set always puts a smile on my face. 
It's a gift that keeps on giving.
Looking for a yummy dinner?
Try Chicken in Lemon Cream Sauce.



  1. I so want that teapot i almost bought it then didnt. Im so jealous lol. Have to get it now that i have seen yours. Funny I do the same thing in my dinning rm with the pillows. Cushions use pillow case to change them. It all looks so lovely... I love red think im going to change my table today... Have a wonderful time with love Janice

  2. This is so festive and great idea with the pillow cases!

  3. I love, love the Emma Bridgewater merchandise, Rita! I looked at those same mugs some time back. All your Valentine's touches look so cheerful on this cold day. :) The chicken recipe looks delish -- I've already pinned it.

    Have a great weekend!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  4. So charming and festive. Just the most fun Valentine's Day table. Wonderful details and many beautiful items. I enjoyed your post.

    1. Lovely Rita, you always have such pretty and fun dishes EB mugs are the best and the teapot is adorable!
      I knew you'd love bundt pans as much as I do. I love to bake cakes in pretty things, it feels my heart with joy. I have made at least one cake in all of them, specially in the two newest ones. Wish I could get the bunny one that's out on sale now. I say I wish, is cause it's a problem to get it here; hope the stores carry it like in the past.
      Happy Valentine's my friend. Thanks for your sweet visit and yummy recipe.