Tuesday, May 13, 2014

No Strings Attached

Going tagless with your tea makes
sense and cents!
First: I don't like the look of a string and tag
 hanging out of my tea pot. Makes me crazy.
More on that later, after I calm down.
Second: It's just crazy to spend your
hard earned tea money on string and tags.
Why would you spend more for the
 tags than the tea?
 Let's do the math.
 Here you have 100 tagless tea bags for
 $1.59 that's an easy to figure out
 1.59 cents for each tea bag.
Here you have 48 tea bags for $1.99.
Original means with tags.
I hope you think these tags are adorable
because you are paying MORE
for the tags than the tea!
Each tea bag is 4.15 cents.
100 of those bags cost $4.15
remember the tea only costs $1.59
You are paying $2.56 cents for just tags!!!
You'll note that they package them differently,
in boxes of 48 and 100 so that it's not so
obvious! Imagine if it were boxes of
100 tea bags for $1.59 or $4.15.
You'll save 62% on you tea going tagless!!
If you're going to make yourself some tea,
make a pot! Even if it's just for you.
One tea bag will give you a full pot, and it
 gives the tea a chance to properly brew.
You have all those cute tea pots that
 you found thrifting.....use one of those!
You're going to want a second cup anyway.
 You may have someone to share a pot with.
That's always nice. Any leftover tea in

 the pot can be your iced tea later.


recap: 100 for $1.59. = 1.59 cents each
the others were 48 for $1.99 = 4.15 cents each.
see my post on How To Make A Perfect Pot Of Tea

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  1. Hi Rita, but ......100 tea bags at $1.59 = 0.0159 or just about 16 cents per bag! I never realized this! I hate when the tag falls in the cup. Ugh.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Better refigure your math.Think 100 for $1,00 (a dollar is 100 pennies) would be 1 penny each. 100 for $1.60 would be 1.6 cents each. Sorry...old math teacher speaking here

    3. they were not 100 for $1.00 they were 100 for $1.59. = 1.5 cents each
      the others were 48 for $1.99 = 4.15 cents each.
      maybe you read it wrong.

    4. The 100 for $1.00 was just 6th grade talk to get it down to easy figuring. Then the 100 for $1.59 was actual price. Thus the price of 1.6 cents each and not 16 cents each.I am so sorry I submitted anything. I am always fearful that I will be misunderstood. I promise not to speak again. Good bye

    5. Please don't fret. I am happy to have your comments and the enthusiasm they came with. Communication is always a good thing.
      I have rushed my comments or make errors in my posts many times. Luckily no one will care or remember if mistakes are made. Please comment often. I love your comments. <3

  2. I don't like tags OR the individual packaging. Loose tea is even LESS expensive!

  3. That steams me too. I'm surprised that they still put 100 tea bags in any container. I can't believe how tiny some of the food packages have gotten and the prices keep going up. I'm all for tagless tea bags!