Thursday, May 8, 2014

How I Organize My Bathroom

Once I get my bathroom organized in a way
that works for us, it just takes a little
tweaking now and then to keep it that way.
Here's how I organize the small linen closet
and cabinets in our master bathroom. 
The closet is where I store towels and other 
things we use in the bathroom. The bed linens
are stored in the bedroom. A basket of 
extra toilet paper sits on the floor.
 On the shelves are all the bath towels, hand 
towels and a small wicker laundry basket that
 holds my hair dryer, brushes, and irons 
because I use the mirror on this side.
 We hinged the bi-fold door together and 
installed a wall rack for extra storage.
 Another basket in a cabinet closest to the
 shower is filled with lots of washcloths. It's 
a convenient place to grab a fresh one
 before each shower or bath.
 I've just moved the electric curlers to
the back of a lower cabinet because I very 
rarely use them. Seeing the picture
made me realize that.
I hang a small portable ironing board for 
those occasional quick touch-ups. The iron
 is stored on the door rack. 
 Now for the medicine.
 I keep loose packets in small snack-size baggies.
I toss some of the bulky boxes and cut 
out the directions and clip them to the pills.
I remove the tops of the other boxes and 
use a "filing" method to store it all.
 They fit into one of my old Rubbermaid 
 containers. I  label everything.
 Putting things in plastic container makes it 
easy to stack them for storage: medicine, 
bandages, and pocket-size kleenex. I use a
tackle box for first aid and more band aids.
The lower shelf has large storage containers
 and a scale...things that don't get much use.
 Might as well go to the other side of the 
bathroom. My side. This cabinet holds a bin 
filled with travel bags, cosmetic bags, etc.
The lower bin holds: heating pads, ice bags,
 and braces for strains.
 Clear shoe boxes are filled with extra
supplies: deodorant, toothpaste,
 travel size items, etc. On the turntable
I'm using my favorite free organizy cans!
You may have noticed a few on the door
rack in the pictures  above too. :)
Yes, I even use them in the bathroom!
Hair clips, cotton balls, lots of floss, 
pill/travel containers, extra toothbrushes,
packets of Tylenol, make-up sponges,
and get the idea!
There's more but I'll stop here for now. 

See how I organize my drawers here


  1. Tennis cans- how creative! They would be great for all those weirdly shaped and little things like my daughters' barrettes. Are they on a Lazy Susan in that one photo?

  2. I knew I'd love this post! Your organization soothes my soul... Now to begin!