Monday, May 19, 2014

How I Organize My Drawers

Continuing on from how I organize in 
the bathroom and bed linens.
My pajama drawer on the bottom of the 
armoire. Comfy jersey for fall and winter.
I have devised a great way to fold pjs.
 Lay the pants flat folded in half lengthwise.
 Lay the folded top in the center.
 Fold over the top of the pants.
 Fold up the bottom of the pants. This creates
 a neat little bundle. You can stack them 
on shelves now or do what I do and 
  fold them in half again and put them in drawers.
I use the 'filing' method so that you can 
see them and easily pull one set out without 
messing up the others.
Cozy flannels for trips up North in the winter.
 I do the same thing with my summer short
tank nighties. Fold in thirds lengthwise,
 then in thirds again into bundles that stand
upright in the drawer. Same thing with
t-shirts, tanks, and shorts.
The right side of the large cabinet holds all
my (many years) sweaters. Remember I use
the left side for bed sheets and pillowcases.
 I have 2 drawer/shelving units in my closet. 
Sox are folded and stacked upright so 
that I can see all the colors. 
 Lots of visors because I wear them almost
 every morning for tennis. I can toss them in 
the washer when needed and air dry them.
They've held up pretty well,
same with the sports caps.
Small purses filed in a deep bottom drawer.
I can fit all of them in 2 rows in here. You
may have noticed that I rarely throw
something out if I can still use it.
Example; the straw clutch in back row
left is still used and in perfect condition
 and I've had for over 30 years!  The small
Coach bag even longer. Yikes!
I didn't know I was that old!  ;)

See how I organize my bathroom here.

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  1. Wow! I love your folding techniques and organization and plan to try them. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I need to rethink my drawers now! I use a similar method to pack a suitcase, but I never thought to do the same thing in the drawers. I am woefully short on storage space, and this might be more efficient. (BTW, I too have a hard time getting rid of something that still works just because it's old! Maybe I am afraid it will come back to bite me, and I don't want someone doing that to me!)

  3. I love how many pair pf pajamas you have. It makes me feel not guilty about all the pajama bottoms I have made and have in the drawer. I'll have to go and fix how they are stored now. Your way is brilliant. I'm with you, there is no reason to get rid of items that have been taken care of properly.

  4. I need you to SHOW UP AND TAKE OVER my closets and dresser drawers!! and make them look like YOURS!!! PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE??!! LOL LOL Mercy you are so organized!! I am in the midst of moving dressers and emptying them out and re-organizing them all, what a big mess. A big dis-organized MESS.........HA HA HA Oh wow, little Lucy is FOURTEEN?? she sure dont look it!! What a little sweetie! and she looks so young still! She must've found the fountain of youth, ha ha Hope she enjoyed her b/day and got many treats!

  5. So happy I found this post and your blog. I love how you get it all organized

  6. If only I were this organized! Thanks so much.for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

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