Monday, May 12, 2014

How To Add A Pinterest Widget To Your Blog

I've seen so many Pinterest widgets on other 
blogs and wanted to add it to MAY DAYS
but haven't been able to figure out 
how to do it. 
That's because I thought it would be
complicated. I stumbled across this today
accidentally while I was organizing
  my Pinterest boards
into smaller categories. For example,
Christmas now has sub-categories: 
Christmas TreesChristmas Ornaments,
etc...9 in all! Whew! so much easier to find
what I'm looking for. I happened to click  
on this <> at the top and...yowza! 
There it was! The secret code! 
The Pinterest widget! BAM!

In case anyone else out there in blogland 
doesn't know what I'm talking about, I'll
 walk you through it. Fair warning, my photos 
are terrible. I took them with my iPhone 
and still got glare and screen swirl, 
but this post isn't about pretty
pictures. Here we go!

step 1: Go to your Pinterest site and
find the <> at the top and click on it. 
Now copy the blue highlighted code.
step 2: Go to your blog and
Click on Design upper right.
step 3: Once in design, click on Layout.
step 4: Click on Add a Gadget.
step 5: Find the gadget that says
HTML/JavaScript and click on it. 
step 6: Paste the coped code into the box.
step 7: Click SAVE. You can also
add a title if you want. I just did that too.
step 8: Position the new gadget where
you want by holding the cursor down
and sliding it into place.
step 9: Click on Save arrangement,
then click on View Blog.
step 10: Then sit back and smile. :)
Hope this tutorial makes it easy.


  1. I put it in my sidebar, and it worked, but now doesn't. I don't get my photos. Just says "Visit My 1929 Charmer's profile on Pinterest"?. I'm on WordPress How did you create sub-categories?

  2. Thank you so much for this info Worked perfectly for me and so easy to do