Thursday, August 1, 2013

Guest Post from Cathy's Cottage

Let me introduce you to my dear friend Cathy.
 I'm so excited that Cathy is willing to write a 
guest post for me from her charming cottage
 in Canada. Cathy and Hal along 
with their beagle Charlie escape the hot 
South Florida summers and head north to
 cool summers by the bay.
Hi, Cathy here! 
Our place is situated on a glacier-formed 
Canadian shield granite in Honey Harbour,
 Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada.
The foundation sits on rock and I forged a 
path between rocks and roots to the
other side of the cottage.
This is what I call my northern garden.
 It has very little soil on top of rock, 
faces full sun and north wind. 
 They gotta be tough.
 And they are-tough but beautiful.

I pulled over for this irresistible roadside
chickory and the unseemly sounding bugloss.
It insists on living by the roads and refuses 
to emigrate to my garden. I try every year, 
as a hummingbird is drawn to red. 
I am drawn to this color.
Artsy picture of my foxgloves. I treat myself 
every year to 3 of these beauties and treat
 them as annuals. Old fashioned flowers.
This is my sister Liz's birdhouse. 
She collects them. I saw a red one in a shop 
in Coldwater, a small town close by, that
 I knew she would love. To repay her 
kindness and good nature, my husband said
 that he could build it for her and here
 it is, waiting outside our front door
 waiting to go home.
Our dock at dawn when my husband
goes fishing.
I want to show you my purple floor! 
I tried for a color that isn't blue and isn't 
purple, but right in the middle. 
I goes with everything.
A favorite view of mine. 
We found the nest on the deck in the spring.
My favorite quilt, and we have lots. 
The best nights are the ones where
we need 3 quilts.
View from my bedroom.


I think we want to see more!


  1. Cathy, your place in Canada looks amazing! Wouldn't I love to wake up to that view every day. Love, love, love your PURPLE floor! How great is that? I would love to paint a floor that color but I'm not sure my husband would approve. Thanks for sharing your beautiful get-away with us!

  2. What an amazing getaway. The perfect place to make memories. Just wonderful.

    Great to have you at "Oh, the PLACES I've been!".

    - The Tablescaper

  3. What a sweet and lovely place, Cathy! I can't believe you've gotten such beautiful flowers to grow there! You must have two green thumbs! Love that you painted your floor purple! :)

  4. Wow that's a gorgeous place. The views are amazing! Love the idea of sleeping with the windows open and lots of quilts. :)

  5. Your summer home is so charming and cheerful, Cathy! I adore your Northern garden; the colors are just beautiful. Your husband did a wonderful job building the red birdhouse for your sister; maybe he could build one for you, too. :) I love your pretty patchwork quilt; I think cold nights are better for sleeping, as well.

    Thanks for sharing pictures of your home with us. Visiting from The Tablescaper's party.


  6. Sharon From MichiganAugust 2, 2013 at 12:15 PM

    How beautiful and peaceful! I definitely would love to see more pics - your lake looks absolutely divine.

  7. That looks like a fun place to relax and have a great weekend and enjoying the environment

    I'm inviting you to also join us for Travel Photo Mondays, it runs the whole week and starts on Mondays, come link up with us.

  8. Does Cathy have a blog? Sorry-if so I don't know her blog.
    Interesting cottage and property. I live in South Florida, too.
    But I live here year around and I really don't mind it!

  9. Simply beautiful!!! You gotta LOVE a gal with a purple floor and a yellow table! GREAT post and I would love to 'follow' you!!!

  10. What a beautiful spot for an escape.

  11. What a beautiful location! You're so lucky. The flowers are just gorgeous. Love the purple floor too. Dropping by from Met Monday.

  12. What an amazing and beautiful place. The views are incredible. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty