Monday, November 12, 2012

The Garden and Pool- Finale of House Visit

You've seen inside Chet and Telaryn's home
 in my last 3 posts. Now it's finally time to go
 outside and show you their fabulous pool.
The terraced waterfall starts up the slope
of their backyard. They knew just what 
they wanted and how they wanted it to look; 
natural with lots of rock. You can see
this dramatic pool from almost every window 
in the house. It's truly the focal point!
Each season has it's special beauty.
There are terraced gardens sloping up
 behind the pool. Telaryn enjoys gardening
 and landscape planning.
The family dog Bear leading me up the stairs.
 Bear is an Entlebucher Swiss mountain dog, 
the smaller cousin of the better known Bernese.
The decorative gate at the top of the 
stairs looking down.
My Lucy enjoyed running in the big yard
with big Bear. A new experience for her.
She was also my leaf raking assistant.
Lucy found the perfect-sized bench 
for a much needed break.
The top of the backyard.
The view to the neighbors next door.
A nice view of hills in the distance.
The view from the backyard to the house.
 Walking back down the stone steps  we pass
 still-blooming azaleas.
A cluster of Adirondack chars on the upper
sitting area.
A fire pit is there and at night we snuggled in 
 warm throws and enjoyed a fire and s'mores.
 garden birdhouse
Flowers line the paths.
The last of the summer flowers next to the pool.
 Flowering camelia bushes along the side of the house.
This side area leads thru another
 ornamental gate into 
the pool and patio area.
Dining area
They built a pavilion for a shaded sitting area.
My granddaughter Taelyn enjoyed playing
my assistant and 'tweaking' the area.
We gathered the pots and twigs.
Telaryn and Chet made this bubbler. 
I want to try this for our yard.
She found the instructions  at
the Home Depot website.
In the garden we have our last fairy.
If you've missed the inside, you can see it
Thanks you for visiting!



  1. Ahh, just beautiful! I've enjoyed my "visit" very much! Your friends have a lovely home.

  2. Just FABULOUS!! Thanks!! franki

  3. What a stunning yard and beautiful area! I loved seeing the dogs too. Reminds me of how much I miss my granddog, who is on the other side of the world now.:( If you need a dog sitter, I'm your gal.

  4. Their home is gorgeous! The pool and garden areas are spectacular! I LOOOOOVE that pavillion!!! What a beautiful space too. Thank you and them for allowing us to "visit". XO, Pinky

  5. What a beautiful home and garden your daughter and family have! They are truly blessed, as are you! Thanks for the tour!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. So beautiful! It must be so relaxing there. Thanks for sharing with us...Christine

  7. That would be awesome to enjoy, terrible to take care of! I'm not much a gardener. :)