Sunday, November 18, 2012

Supporting Charity Thrift Shops

I like to do my part in supporting local charity thrift stores. When Faith Farm Thrift Store in my area is overflowing, they have a sale. I feel compelled to help them in any way I can. I know you understand. There must be something I can buy.
Everything made it through the washer/dryer
 and the dishwasher and came out looking 
and smelling fabulous. 
 These 3 bears will be part of my 
Christmas decor. $1-$2
I couldn't leave without an afghan.
This very large one was $4.
I found 4 cable knit sweater pillows; 
2 blue and 2 red for $1 each.
They have easy to remove 18" zip covers.
  I washed the covers and inserts separately.
 A large cookie/biscotti jar and a pitcher.
 The napkins still had their tags.....
25 cents each. I like to use cloth napkins 
and cut down on paper use.
Easy to wash and dry with no
ironing, of course.
 This wood Christmas tree was $1.00.
 A cute little creamer for 50 cents.
I love the raised holly and berries.
Wouldn't this be cute to use for maple syrup? 
OK, the pillows still had their Macy's tags.
$54 Tommy Hilfiger pillows for $1.
 A box of 24 glass ornaments for $1.
 Lucy is checking out the bargains!
 The BIG bargain of the day is this 
vintage BURBERRY stadium/car blanket.
It once belonged to Fraser.
I got it for.........$1.00!!! YES!!
I'm sure this is worth plenty!
A large wooden star for $3.
Two tapestry needlepoint canvas covers
 for $1 each.
A bench?
A pillow?
 A chair seat?
They even look nice unfinished.
There you have it. My loot!
Total $31.00



  1. wow!!! You made out like a bandit! Not much (if anything) there I'd have walked away from. My son's services providing agency has a thrift store that some of their autistic clients work in, different jobs for different abilities, we go there a lot. Not many faith thrift shops here, or they have unpredictable hours.

  2. $31...score. The fact that you're helping out and recycling is even better. I am drooling, jealous and in love with the Burberry blanket!! I've been look for a vintage plaid throw. I have a couple vintage thermoses for picnics. The $1 Christmas tree is so cute!!

  3. I cannot BELIEVE your good fortune!!!!!! WHAT a HAUL!!! It couldn't happen to a nicer person!

  4. Wow...I'm very proud of you, Rita! I've become very disenchanted with the large thrift stores. Their prices are sometimes higher than retail and all their merchandise is donated. Now I have a list of smaller op shops I visit that benefit different local organizations. And I never go there without something to donate as well as leaving with my purchases. Enjoy all your new treasures!

  5. You did good! I found more dishes that match my Christmas pattern last year at Habitat! The only way to shop!

  6. Just wonderful! You scored some great finds!