Saturday, November 10, 2012

House Visit - Part 3

A little peek upstairs at Chet and Telaryn's.
 Taelyn's room has a few fairies too.
They turned the flat top of her closet into
this great loft. Logan and Taelyn both 
love imagining up there.
The paint color in this room is
Santa Rita by Ralph Lauren.
I may need to paint a room in my
house this color...the name is catchy!
 A marble topped antique dresser
is in 'our' guest room.
 The large master bedroom has a fireplace
 with side bookcases. The closet is HUGE. 
No photos...think bedroom-size.
 A wall of windows looks down to the pool. 
 A vintage dresser. 
Note the three colors used on the
walls and ceiling in the room.
They really accent all the angles. 
There is a 3rd floor dedicated to the 
children's playroom. 
No photos...think toys-r-us
or Lego Museum. I told Larry that I need  
a playroom for my toys dishes.
'storage space envy'

tomorrow-the pool!


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  1. Santa Rita indeed! Why, that's a perfect name for well, just about anything!
    I want a loft for imagining in, too. And a closet that is room-sized.

  2. I love the loft idea, what a fun and magical place to escape to, to play or read. Great use of a space that would otherwise be an area to collect dust!

  3. You've got lots and lots of fairies, Rita! I've been reading the series of your house tours and I'm fascinated by the cute fairies in every room. I wonder if my wife wants those miniatures too. Anyway, I hope you'll allow me to use your house tour photos as an inspiration for my house remodeling. I'm sure my new house will love the designs from your house. :)

    Calvin Mordarski @