Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Doggie Dining

Our doggies' dining space gets changed with
 the seasons and holidays at our house.
The doggies wanted to show you some of
 their tablescapes.
This is the one we have now for Fall.
I'm thinking of building a little box with cut
outs for the bowls. Larry is thinking this
one is fine. I'll show you the new set-up
 when it's done.
This is how it all started.
Larry cut a bone shape from an 8" board.
He also cut out two circles for the bowls 
and then added 2" feet to raise it
 off the floor a bit. 
I found this cute 'dog table' in a catalog. The 
painted blue and white checked 
tablecloth design was perfect in my kitchen. 
It's always set for meals with silverware and 
has the bowl cut outs that gave us the idea 
to make our own..
I painted the original bone tray white and
 added Snowmen bowls for Christmas.

Bow Wow Chrustmas
 Red bowls for Valentine's Day.
The kitchen towels at the end of the island
 are always changed for the holidays too.
They add to the doggies' tablescape.
And don't think that they don't notice!
It always comes back to blue and white
Their dog cookie jars are changed too,
but that's another post.
Bone Appetit!

Bow Wow for Now!
Lucky & Lucy


  1. Too cute, Rita. Love your doggie bone table!

  2. Rita, this is absolutely ADORABLE! What lucky pups!

  3. Rita,
    You have way too much time on your hands! lol This is so adorable! My dogs eat off white plates because they don't like anything in the bottom of their bowls. I can't decide which one I like best...a great post!
    Blessings My Friend,

  4. Too cute! Every member of the family can enjoy seasonal decor.


  5. This is just TOO cute and I'm sure they notice and love it!!!

  6. What lucky pups!!!! This is so adorable. Our pets are just like our lkids, aren't they? have a great weekend. XO

  7. Quite the pampered pets. Very cute ideas!

  8. I love that you include your doggies in your seasonal decorating. I'm sure they love it too.
    The only problem is that reading your blog is making me think that I now need a Yorkie or two. I wonder how my Cocker Spaniels would feel about that?

  9. I love your doggie tablescape! Each and every one is just adorable just like your furry sweeties. I also like your blue kitchen island, the seasonal tea towels and doggy bowls. I enjoy visiting your blog! Every time I drool over all your beautiful wall china plates. You have the most lovely china.

  10. This is hilarious! I LOVE this attention to detail, and with dogs being very important family members, they deserve their own seasonal tablescapes!

  11. Rita--I love that yours is bone shaped! Too sweet.


  12. I have never thought about giving my dogs their own dining scape. I will have to get them something for Fall.