Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dog Blessed

 Thank you everyone 
for the heartfelt comments 
regarding the loss of our sweet doggie Princess.
We read every one and it was a great comfort. 
She was a wonderful part of our family .
Tea time with Princess
I have gathered the few pictures of Princess 
that have been in my posts over the years.
They loved their road trips!
Princess and Lucy
Pretty Princess
Even car road trips were fun.
Decorating for Christmas.
Princess is my assistant.
A new favorite squeaky toy.
Squeaky stays with me!
More pictures?
I'll just stay here.
Princess and Lucky
Snow Dogs in Colorado
Lucky, Lucy, Princess
A little sun on the patio is a good spot for a nap.
Our doggies-Princess, Lucy, Lucky
Three doggies on a raft.
Princess loves her groomer.
Princess May
We are Dog Blessed!
A dog pile in the van on a road trip.
Their favorite spot!
On the van bed, another road trip. Yeah!
Helping Mom gather pinecones.
Touring Charleston, SC
Stroller ride!

Looking at the Christmas tree.
Princess loves Christmas too.
A Christmas card with the doggies.
On the Christmas bed.
Lucy, Princess, and Lucky
We had a wonderful time with Princess. 
She was a good girl.

a note from a friend...
Here is what I’ve learned from being dog blessed: it takes very little to make them happy-a touch, a word. They would lay down their life for you in a heartbeat. They forgive everything, every time. When it is their time-they know, and quietly and bravely off they go. Their heart is yours forever.    (CS)

LOVE and ((Hugs)) from The Mays!


  1. This is such a sweet post, Rita. Those dogs look so happy and content. Most of our dogs, especially those that live in the house with us, are so lucky, aren't they? They have such good lives compared to a lot of poor dogs. I know Princess will be missed; what a great life she had with her family.



  2. Oh Rita, I am so sorry about Princess. I haven't been around blogland too much lately; we are moving in 2 weeks and it is a little crazy here. Princess was a sweetie. I always love seeing the dogs on your blog. We had our toy poodle for almost 18 years and it about did me in when she died. Hugs to you, Pinky

  3. All of these pics are precious! The one of the three of them on the raft is my absolute favorite!

  4. Rita, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet little Princess. I know she will be greatly missed. How wonderful that she lives on in so many beautiful photos!

  5. Oh Rita, what precious pictures you have of Prince! I am in tears! It is so hard to let go of our wonderful pet children, I bet the other little ones are mourning in their way.
    Hugs to you!

  6. Oops! I meant Princess, computer is acting up, sorry!

  7. Oh Rita May, these pictures contain so much memories with Princess to treasure for ever. The worst thing is when our little furry babies leave us. I still can't get over our pug Ben, who left us 2 years ago. I see his lovable face in pics and I could just start crying. Lots of hugs, sweetie.

  8. Rita May, I am so sorry for your loss. We never get over the loss of a sweet pet. I lost my poodle just before Christmas, so I know how you feel. They are just the best buddies. I am still missing him so much. Michele

  9. What a beautiful, touching post....those pictures are just so filled with love, they jumped off the page. From one pet lover to another, and from someone who has lost a few pets over the years, I am so sorry for your loss of your sweet little princess. Bless you on your journey of healing - what lovely memories you have of her! Jane