Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pretty Wine Labels and How to Remove Them

Sometimes a wine label is so pretty
that I just have to buy a bottle.
Sometimes it has a personal meaning.
You can guess why this is our "house" wine. 
I like to think of it as my personal vineyard.
Wine and dogs~what's not to love?
We spent a weekend touring vineyards in 
the Yadkin Valley, an up and coming wine 
region in North Carolina. 
We chose these dog-themed wineries.
My favorite label because 
we have three dogs.
I've found that the easiest way to 
remove the labels. 
Plan A: The oven method
  Put the  bottle in a 350 degree oven for
about 10 minutes. This works most of the time. 
Remove the hot bottle with good oven mitts.
Use a knife to gently lift up one corner of the
 label. Carefully peel back, gently and evenly. 
If it doesn't come off this way, nothing 
will take it off. It's because different 
glues are used, especially in Italian wines.
Plan B: Hot Water Bath Method
  For when you don't have access to an oven. 
If you are on a trip and want to save your
 labels you can soak them off in very hot 
water for 15 minutes. As on one of our
 last trips when Larry commented,
"Why are there wine bottles in the bath tub?" 
 The glue will not dissolve with the oven
method. You'll need to put your label
glue side down on a piece of paper or
tissue to make sure it doesn't stick to
 anything. Then you can weigh
it down to flatten it.
I keep a manilla envelope in a nearby
 cabinet and just add wine labels as I go.
When I have enough, I can start this project.
My niece Rita made the frame above. 
Isn't it great? She decoupaged the
 wine labels onto an old frame. It's
 perfect for a wine cork memo board.
I firmly believe in completely recycling
 the wine bottles after drinking all the wine.
I use the corks, the labels and the bottles.
So, that's the lesson for today;
 drink wine, save the corks, the labels
and the bottles!

Cheers! Prost! Salud!

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  1. Oh how I LOVE this post!!! I was wondering how to get the labels off! Thank you so very much for the information. Love your bottle....your labels.....and ALL the projects!!

  2. Wow, I never knew how to do that.



  3. Great post! I love the cork board. Now I'll have to start saving those bottles.

    Have a great week!

  4. Hi Rita,

    This is a great tip -- thanks for sharing. I've never known how to get those labels off.

    What did you think of the Yadkin Valley vineyards? We live less than an hour from some of those, and my husband and I visit whenever we get the chance. They're all so cute and somewhat unique one from the other. Sheltons has been around a while, and it's really a pretty big setup (I noticed you had a few of their labels in your bunch). It's one of my favorites. They do a really good Riesling.

    Have a great week :)



  5. Thanks for the great tip about the oven!! I've done the hot water method - but I don't think I was patient enough ... Happy Sunday..xo HHL

  6. Thanks for the tip...I have never been able to remove a label in one piece and I want to keep them in a "wine Book"...I also have done a lot with your cork board!

  7. Thanks for the info. I have not tried to remove any in years - just gave up.

  8. Yep!, this is my kind of wine, with dog labels, for sure!! Thanks for the info on removing labels, I have tried and done a bad and sloppy job, this is great! Thanks Rita May for sharing this. Hope you have a great week, too. Lots of hugs, FABBY

  9. Thanks so much for the tip! My friend and I were just discussing this last week. I have some trashy wines with wonderful labels that I've collected over the years, they are all sitting in the basement waiting for a project. I've got the answer I needed now. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Neat idea, Rita. I love the "Three Dawg Night" label!

  11. Love this idea, Rita. We saw a cork board just like that at our doctor's office this weekend. Love saving those bottles. You can use them during Christmas to make Creme de Vie. It's a traditional latin version of egg-nog but made with rum and condensed milk. I make it every Christmas for neighbors and friends and I'm always looking for pretty bottles. How do you typically use your recycled labels?

  12. I love this - I have been saving the corks but not the labels. How adorable. Have you also see the craft where they melt down the bottles and make them into cheese trays. I think you have to have access to a kiln in order to do this. I saw it on the PBX Create show For Your Home. Check it out is you get the chance or google it.

  13. Use those empty wine bottles that you have removed the label for a bottle tree. There are several places you can find metal or iron premade bottle trees or make your own. You can use either a small tree or post to which you add nails and hang the bottle. It is southern thing that is suppose to catch the "evil spirits" at night and the next day's sunshine will "evaporate" those spirits. Best of all it is a great garden accent. Love this blog! Thanks.

  14. Thanks for the help. It's sometime I always have trouble with!

    Hope you will please drop by and enter my $50 Gift Card Giveaway!! Hometalk has said if I get 500 entries, they will increase the Gift Card to $100.

  15. I can't wait to try that. I used to collect labels but gave up trying to get them off in one piece.

  16. You are going to save me hours of work with the oven method! Thanks for the post! :)

  17. I'm going to give the oven method a try! Thanks for a great tip Rita! Cheers!

  18. How many times I buy for the label! I am so drawn to the art and your idea with the decoupage...brilliant. Can't wait to give this a try. And how about the Three Dawg Night wine, so so cute.

  19. Hi, just dropping in via some link :) and I love this post...thanks...and now I have to find some of the Three Dawg Nite wine since we have 3 basset hounds...

  20. Ooh, those labels do look quite gorgeous. Getting them out can be pretty tricky at times, since you would not want to damage the nice packaging it has, no?