Thursday, July 14, 2016

Twin Trellises For The Entry

We recently added these twin trellises to
our front entry patio area.
I love the look of a trellis and 
 try to sneak them in wherever I can. 
This makes a total of 5 against the 
outside walls around the house and 
3 trellis arbors in our yard.
See those projects HERE, and HERE.
Here's the front entry before.
These jasmine pots on either side of my
front entry French doors were just starting
 to grow long enough to begin their trail up.
First we measured for the center and 
height we would use. I needed to consider
 what size we could build using the scrap 
pieces of 1x1 wood we had in the garage 
for this project. I'm all about
 using what we have. 
We use this simple trellis design because we
 can easily customize the size for our needs.
 Larry cut the pieces angling the end cuts
as we have in the other trellis projects.
The right side before. I will need to find 
another spot for this "M" monogram sign
board I made a few years ago HERE.
The right side after. We painted the
trellis using leftover exterior house
paint so that it would blend in. 
The jasmine is now filling in nicely.
The left side after.
The left side filling in. 
The jasmine has grown quite a bit since 
we first installed something for them to 
make their climb. I fiddle with the fast
 growing wine, tucking it in, over, and
 under as needed. Tweeking. 
Our next project was to paint our front
door. Guess what color? Next post!


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  1. The trellises look great! The fragrance will be lovely...