Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bed & Breakfast Sign

I made a new sign, but it's not for inside
 the house. It's for our travel van. 
We feel like our Roadtrek van is our own
little bed and breakfast that we can take
So naturally it needed a sign we could hang
when we were parked at a campsite.
 This sign needed to be lightweight so that
it could hang from the awning. I used a piece
of scrap beadboard. The back had a nice
wood tone that I was going for. 
I wanted it to be neutral,
shabby, vintage looking. To add stability and
give it a "sign" look I added molding pieces
all around to frame it.
 Luckily I had just enough
scrap of one style without an inch to spare.
Imperfections are part of the charm.
Plus I don't like to fuss. That's no fun.
Here's the finished sign. 
 I use the same method I do for all my signs,
  HERE. The font on this one is
The Blue Cabin, size 225, outline.
Print it out. Use carbon paper to trace it.
 Paint the letters using a Sharpie.
Same 'ol tricks. 
After the lettering was dry 
I lightly rubbed on  mineral oil to 
bring out the wood tones.
Laid out the salvaged trim pieces.
Filled in the corner gaps with putty.
Touch up with white paint.
I also painted the edges.
When not hanging from our traveling
Bed & Breakfast I can "store" it in
my guest room.


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