Monday, July 25, 2016

My BLUE Front Door

Welcome to my new blue front door!
I've always wanted to paint my front door blue
but was rejected twice by our HOA. Not one 
to give up, I went to their next meeting armed 
with pictures of other doors painted in the 
neighborhood that were red, green, brown, 
and black. I also brought my navy color paint
 chip as well chocolate chips...cookies that is 
to pass around in my navy lined Longaberger
 basket, while wearing my navy dress. 
Subtlety was not an option. It was all well 
received and they made an exception for 
my color choice and thought it would be 
very pretty. Larry and I left soon thereafter 
before they could change their minds. 
The color is Naval by Sherwin-Williams.
Picking just the right shade of blue without
going too bright is not easy. I got inspiration 
via blogland, my favorite source. Ann over at
On Sutton Place, painted her door this blue.
It looked perfect. She loved the color so 
much she even painted some of her kitchen
 cabinets. Hmmm...keeping in mind when
 I need want to paint the kitchen island 
or whatever else needs to be blue.
I had to do a Waterlogue app version.
 Here's the white door before.
 Trying it with my
  blue and white fabric scrap wreath.
Here with the spring floral wreath.
I love it every time I walk up to it! 
I'm in blue heaven!



  1. Rita, that is such a pretty shade of blue for your doors! Glad the HOA allowed it! It looks so pretty against your house; and all of the wreaths work great!

  2. Your door really makes a the color! Great campaign on your part to get the okay for your door!!!

  3. Love it! What a perfect choice~

  4. Rita, I'm your persisted and got approval for your beautiful door. If you do your kitchen cabinets blue, I'd like to see that too.


  5. I love the color and it makes the front area so pretty! Hugs,

  6. Gr8 painted door. Perfect finish :)
    We are TimberMaster LTD bespoke front doors & windows manufacturer.

  7. Your front door looks gorgeous! Fabulous shade of blue...just perfect. I love your subtlety (blue dress, blue basket liner and chocolate chip cookies).

  8. Your front door in blue is spectacular! It just makes the whole entry come together! I loved how you went to the HOA! Bravo!!

  9. So pretty! Your perseverance paid off and your blue front doors are the perfect color and a lovely touch to the front of your home!
    Good for you.


  10. When I saw the first picture of those blue double doors, I was floored. I mean, my mouth literally fell open at how beautiful it looked! My favorite color is blue, and I've never had a blue front door before. This has really given me inspiration. The addition of plants and flowers on each side of the door really stand out!

  11. Hi there. I'm having a very tough time choosing a deep blue for my front door and I love what you've chosen. What finish did you use? Was a satin or semi-gloss? Please let me know. Thanks!

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