Monday, July 4, 2016

How To Make A Sign - July

It's so easy to make a sign anytime I want.
I love changing the signs in my kitchen 
almost every month. For the summer
 and especially July I wanted to make 
one that was patriotic but also fun.
I make all  my signs out of whatever I have
in the house and garage, so they cost me 
nothing but a little time.
 Once I decide what my sign will say 
 I try to find a font that works best.
Using Word on the computer I chose
the font. This one is Mountain Christmas. 
I then find the size that will work best. 
In this case it was 225 and I also use 
the outline setting because it uses less 
ink and prints faster.
I line it up on my scrap wood. Larry cuts it to 
size. This is a piece of baseboard molding 
from this re-do project.
 The easiest way to transfer letters is using
carbon paper and tracing. You can see why 
the outline setting makes so much sense. 
I used a black Sharpie to paint in the letters.
lI used leftover paint from the kitchen
 island re-do to paint the bottom curve.
I use 2 screw eyes to attach them to the 
existing cup hooks under the cabinet where
all my kitchen signs hang.
 It needed something. 
Stars! Of course!
I punched out stars on white paper and used 
a dab of glue to attach to the bottom. 
Before and after adding stars.
 I also painted the side and top red using a big
 Sharpie, allowing a little red to show on the 
front edge for an accent.
Hers's my sign, American Pie.