Thursday, February 26, 2015

Having A Ball (Jar)

I have collected a few vintage aqua Ball jars 
that did not have their original lids.
There are still lots of pretty uses for them.
I'm using this one in my bathroom. It's  filled
 with cotton balls and the topper is a
votive/butte cup that holds the Q-tips.

These very large Ball jars were a great find. 
They sit on the window ledge and hold extra 
bars of oatmeal soap, cotton balls, 
and epson salt with a scoop. 
Of course jars without lids always make a great vase.

 I have a  bit of a jar obsession.
Here's the proof:



  1. There is just nothing you can't do with a jar! Yours have always been my favorite color.

  2. I love jars too. Yours are so Pretty!

  3. I always have trouble getting rid of jars, especially pretty ones like yours. I love the really big ones. I think I'll get up in the attic as I think I have same aqua Ball jars up there! The daffodils now growing will be beautiful in them! Come visit me sometimes at

  4. Gotta love the versitility of Ball jars! One time at a yard sale I bought two dozen large ball jars and when I got home and really looked at them they were actually Bicentennial jars. I think I paid a wopping $2 for the lot. I adore the aqua blue of your jars Rita! So pretty. Thank you for sharing them at SYS link party. hope you come back again this week.
    In the meantime have a great week!
    XO Barbara

  5. I have saved glass jars too. And they are coming with me when we move! I have a little of OCDD too. Can't stand to see anything not level or drapes not closed properly even if not on my house. Hubby will get up from table and leave chair out and it drives me crazy. I didn't use to be like this. My Mom was what I always called "fussy". She had to do it her way and she kept a neat clean home. I find myself like her as I get older.