Thursday, February 12, 2015

Simple Valentine's Touches

How to decorate for Valentine's Day
when you don't have much continues.
I'm improvising with a few Valentine's
touches while I'm still here at
(daughter) Kim's. 
 I repurposed a gift basket and filled it with
pinecones and added little white lights.
I turn it on just when it starts to get dark.
It's very pretty and you don't notice the
 green wire as you see in the photo. 
 I surrounded the glass hurricane with
more pinecones, a string of red beads,
 and a few cut-out red dot hearts.
 I filled her beverage container with 
red Christmas balls.
 I brought 2 printables with me. It's
 so easy to have a different printable
 for each holiday. I keep the extras
in a file here. 
 The red bead and wine cork garland that I 
made for Christmas when we were here 
for Thanksgiving works for Valentines's 
decor too...I think.
Anything red was used. I'll be adding a very 
easy paper heart garland too. 
The same one as I made here.
I had a small red wood frame, 
so I brought that with me.
 She'll be able to change that one each month
 too, or just print out and pop in one of my
 photos that I've done  using the
  Waterlogue app on my iphone.
Of course I brought a couple of
Valentine's Day mugs with me.
Time for a cup of coffee and 
a slice of warm banana bread.


MORE printables, Valentine's Decor
and other goodies can be found on my
Pinterest Boards HERE.
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  1. Your daughter is going to miss her personal decorator when you go home!

  2. Without having very much to work with, I would say you did an excellent job. How lucky is your daughter to have you come and add such creative touches.

  3. Wonderful touches...just right for the season!