Monday, February 16, 2015

Repurposing Florist Vases In The Bathroom

I've repurposed 2 plain florists vases to
use in my daughter Kim's bathroom.
 The rectangular one was just the right size
 for square cotton pads, and the round one
 was filled with cotton balls. Both handy for
 everyday use while still pretty. 
 Kim received several pretty arrangements 
after her foot surgery due to a broken foot. 
She's healing and I'm here in TX taking care...
and repurposing. I even saved the roses 
(in next post) for decor. 
 On my last visit I brought a chicken wire
 earring holder. It's like the one
 I made for my bathroom HERE.
 I also repurposed a wine bottle to
use as a bracelet holder.
 She received lots of bottles of wine. 
Wine, roses, and chocolates. The Godiva
box was repurposed too.
 Kim has lots of earrings. These are just 
the ones I can hang. I've organized the
others in divided compartments in the
shallow vanity drawer beneath. It's so
easy to pick out a pair each morning...
that's what I've been doing while here!



  1. Beautiful ways to keep yourself occupied, as well as getting your 'crafting' fix. All while giving your daughter something pretty to use. Love the ideas!

  2. Wow, you are so gifted with creativity! Love all your ideas! Praying for your daughter.

  3. What a lucky daughter you haver, everything you have done is great! Hope she is better soon.

  4. So glad to hear your daughter is doing better! It's so nice that you are able to be with her and help her out! Love what you did in her bathroom.
    One idea (of many) I have copied from you, is using an empty Patron glass bottle for our bathroom vanity. It holds mouthwash. TFS

  5. Great ideas for repurposing. I enjoy repurposing items as well. I Thanks for sharing!

    I actually updated and repurposed a vintage sugar and creamer set in my bathroom last week. I'd love for you to come take a look when you get a moment. :)

  6. Great organizing - with a flair.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

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