Monday, October 20, 2014

B-O-O Blocks

An easy Halloween craft project. 
These B-O-O blocks are sitting on my 
just-right-for-fall  thrifted throw.
I made these blocks with small pieces of 
leftover 2X4 wood.
 I just cut to size and sanded the 
rough edges, then I painted them using some
 leftover black paint. Sanded again to age.
 I printed out the letters in outline and rubbed 
chalk on the back. 
 It made it easy to transfer-trace the letters.
 I used a white paint pen Sharpie to fill in.
 The nice thing about this project is that I can
also use the back of the blocks for other
 words. I already have an O for J-O-Y
Now where to put these cuties?
 Above the stove.
 On the entry ledge.
On a stack of picnic baskets. I can 
use them in so many places. Make one set
 for yourself and one for a friend.