Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Spooky Kitchen

A few spooky Halloween touches
are added in the kitchen.
It always begins with a seasonal color
change. Lots of orange. 
It usually starts with changing the
 dishes in the chicken feeder dish rack.
Decoupaged BOO blocks and a string
of ghosts and black cats are added.
These are just Dollar Store plastic Halloween 
rings looped on salt and pepper shakers.
kitchen counter
orange, gold, brown, and black
dishcloths and pot holders
Whats for dinner?
Why, Ghoul-ash of course!
I'll need Halloween aprons
and Halloween cookie cutters.
These are attached with magnets
to the side of the fridge.
The Wicked Witch Can Be Bribed With 
Chocolate. Yes, she can!
Fun BOO kitchen towels.
The vignette on the corner bar counter
 get it's fall change too.
 I put a few pinecones in a large jar
and ran orange mini lights through them. 
It's on the corner of the kitchen island
and is used for my evening light.

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  1. Such fun and ghoulish touches.....your kitchen is so cute with these seasonal extras!
    Thanks for sharing.....

  2. Love all of your details! Wonderful...

  3. I love your hanging pumpkin sign. Is that one you made yourself?

  4. Love all your Halloween touches - lots of fun ideas. Thanks for sharing.