Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I think all the little Halloween touches 
have been put out. 
 A few are still inside my head. Projects that
 will wait until next year. Thanks to Pinterest
 I won't forget them and can pull them
 up to view anytime. 
 Thanks to my blog I can see what I've done 
in the past. Then I change things up a bit.
 I almost forgot my mice! Can't have that!
 I added this black garland I found at
Michaels for 80% off last year.
Black and orange touches in the living room.

I like to add seasonal kitchen towels.

 Love these doggie towels.
 The hang on the bar above Lucy's bowls.
 Ribbons and twine for craft projects..
 My witch potion recipe book pages.
I'll be filling my large pumpkin basket with 
Halloween candy tomorrow night. Do you buy
candy you like so that you can treat yourself 
to the leftovers, or do you buy candy that you 
don't like so that you won't be tempted? 
That question came up with my friends at 
tennis the other day. Split opinions. 
Me? I buy what we like.

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  1. boo-yah! love it all...fav is the mice & doggie towels.

  2. Love it all, but especially the witch potion recipe page. I always buy candy that we like, and hope there are leftovers ;)

  3. Very nice! I did not do too much decorating for Halloween this year, but will have to put out some since we have over 700 trick-or-treaters every year!

  4. Where did you find the doggie towels? very cute!

  5. It all looks so festive and fun! I like the doggie towels too :)